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Please email and/or tweet your legislators once per week between now and the vote on the education budget.  

Below are suggested topics for each week. 



December 11-17

Make initial introduction email or letter for legislator and ask that they support funding of school libraries as 

requested from ALSDE.

December 18-23 

Highlight specific ways that students would benefit from increased funding. 

January 1-7 

Focus on how funding will HELP YOUR STUDENTS EXCEL AND PURSUE THEIR DREAMS and “be champions.” 

Include pictures of students and books or technology that support these dreams and goals. 

January 8-14

Let legislators know how adequate funding in the school library help improve LITERACY for your school.

January 15-21

Contact and share with legislators how funding would IMPROVE YOUR COLLECTION and support your students. 

January 22-28

Share WHAT YOUR STUDENTS ARE MISSING without adequate funding. 

January 29 - February 4

INVITE  your Legislators and or the Governor to visit your school library

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