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It is not necessary to include all talking points.  The first three might have the most impact.  Choose the talking points that relate to your particular school and include personal stories.

The only funding by the state that we receive is in a line item in the Education Budget - Library Enhancement Funds

Money invested in school libraries is a direct investment into improving the literacy in our schools.  
School libraries need an increase in funding to get back to our FY2009 levels.  Funds are necessary to provide adequate and updated materials to our students.

Data collected in 2016 from more than 800 Alabama school libraries indicates that print collections are more than 20 years out-of-date in critical nonfiction areas

Each dollar invested impacts EVERY student at EVERY public school!. School libraries are funded as a line item (Library Enhancement) in the EFT. (Equity for all students)

Investing in school libraries has a direct impact on all students by providing access and equity of materials especially to those whose only access to books and resources (print and digital) is provided through their school library. 

School libraries provide access to technology and teaching of digital literacy as well as information literacy skills critical to developing critical thinkers and competitive workers.

Funded and staffed libraries result in high performance among students.

Often the school library is the only place a student can access computers and wireless service.

School libraries are the hub, the heart, the center of our schools

School libraries and librarians are on the cutting edge of new technologies and resources.

Less than 1% of Alabama school libraries have current STEM resources in their collections.

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